We strive to explore the repertoire of the boys’ companies. The work is demanding, requires discipline and is enormous fun. It also involves a great deal of sex and violence. Onstage. What more could a group of boys ask for?

Recent Productions

Wit and Science (2019)

Wit and Science by John Redford (c1540) Sunday 7th July...
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The Malcontent (2019)

The Malcontent by John Marston (1604) Wednesday 27th March –...
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Rebellion in Action (2018)

Rebellion in Action A Reappraisal of the Affair of Samuel...
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When Paul’s Boys Met Edward’s Boys (2018)

Performance details Monday 25th of June St Paul’s Cathedral, OBE...
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The Woman in the Moon (2018)

Performance Details March 2018 Thursday 8 – The Simpkins Lee...
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Critical Acclaim for Edward’s Boys

They are our modern day “Little Eyases” as the companies of boy performers were referred to in Hamlet. But in fact the exercise is much more than that, and should I think be seen, as it deserves to be, in the wider context of Shakespeare study and performance worldwide…for me as a Shakespeare director, with particular interest in the repertoire of these contemporaries, these productions have proved invaluable… Forgive me for going on at length, but I think the school is producing something rather miraculous, and I suspect it is too easy for that to go unsaid. So I am saying it.
Gregory Doran, Artistic Director, Royal Shakespeare Company