We strive to explore the repertoire of the boys’ companies. The work is demanding, requires discipline and is enormous fun. It also involves a great deal of sex and violence. Onstage. What more could a group of boys ask for?

Recent Productions

When Paul’s Boys Met Edward’s Boys (2018)

Performance details Monday 25th of June St Paul’s Cathedral, OBE...
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The Woman in the Moon (2018)

Performance Details March 2018 Thursday 8 – The Simpkins Lee...
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The Marston Project (2017)

Stratford and London
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Summer’s Last Will and Testament (2017)

Stratford, Oxford, London and Croydon
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A Trick to Catch the Old One (2017)

Oxford, Stratford and London
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Critical Acclaim for Edward’s Boys

Edward’s Boys are a firm fixture on the map of the English theatrical scene—and they have also changed the map of how we think about early modern theatre (not just boys’ company plays).  The boys – of all ages – are simultaneously innocent and knowing in performance, keeping city comedy teetering on the brink of send-up and making revenge tragedy able to confront its own excess.
Professor Laurie Maguire, Magdalen College, Oxford