Edward’s Boys present “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor!”

Edward’s Boys are delighted to announce that tickets are now available for their production of “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor!” Devised by Perry Mills at the request of the University Paul-Valery Montpellier 3, the Institut des Recherches sur la Renaissance, the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, and the French Ministry of Culture), the show is something of a departure for Edward’s Boys.

The great French dramatist Moliere was born on 15th January 1622 and throughout 2022 there are celebrations to mark the 400th anniversary, particularly of course in France. Moliere knew Montpellier well, touring there and the environs frequently. The city is also home to France’s oldest medical school, and, by a strange coincidence, Moliere seemed to be obsessed with doctors. At least eight of his plays concern the medical profession and physicians are constantly held up to ridicule. Happily, it’s also the case that doctors feature prominently in the repertoire of the early modern boys’ companies. Consequently, Edward’s Boys, who have a long-standing relationship with Montpellier, were invited to join the party by putting together a production to take to France in April 2022.

The show is a rich cassoulet of scenes from Moliere, early modern English drama and elsewhere (Plautus, Edward Ravenscroft). Just like Moliere was, Edward’s Boys have here been heavily influenced by the Commedia dell’Arte tradition from Italy. And then there’s the music! As well as raising a glass to Moliere’s comic genius, this show will be a celebration of language and of theatre itself.

It isn’t very flattering about doctors though…

The initial run of performances will be 10-12 March in Oxford and in Stratford-upon-Avon. Please purchase tickets via: https://ticketsource.co.uk/kes?sd=1

Please do all you can to encourage ticket sales. Since it is something rather different for the company, it could be very entertaining. (Ambiguity intended).