Edward’s Boys – The Play of Wit and Science 7th – 12th July 2019

At 7pm on Sunday 7th July in the Levi Fox Hall Edward’s Boys will give their first performance of Wit and Science by John Redford prior to touring Oxford, London and Genoa, Italy where they will perform at the invitation of the Société Internationale pour l’étude du Théâtre Médiéval.

Redford, composer, organist and choirmaster of St Paul’s Cathedral, seems to have written the play around 1540. It exists in one manuscript in the British Library. However, the first five pages of the notebook are missing and so we do not know precisely how much of the text is lost! Nevertheless, Edward’s Boys have devised a solution to this problem which they look forward to sharing with audiences.

Part comic allegory and part satire on education, and including four songs, Wit and Science is important for several reasons: it spawned imitations and sequels; it is a rare example of an English ‘school play’; it tells us something about how a Tudor schoolmaster understood his educational project. Consequently, it should be most illuminating when the script is performed by young schoolboys, working with their schoolteacher…

Performance 1

7.00pm Sunday 7th July in the Levi Fox Hall, King Edward VI School CV37 6BE

Performance 2

6.00pm Monday 8th July in Chapel of New College Oxford OX1 3BN

Performance 3

7.00pm Tuesday 9th July in Priory Church the Order of St John, Clerkenwell
London EC1V 4JJ

Performance 4

7.00pm Friday 12th July for the Société Internationale pour l’étude du Théâtre Médiéval at the Palazzo Ducale di Genova, Italy