Edward’s Boys to perform at The Houses of Parliament on 30th April


Edward’s Boys have been invited by the Houses of Parliament to perform Act Four, Scene One of Shakespeare’s Richard II in Westminster Hall. The event is being advertised as Will at Westminster. The invitation is a privilege and exciting for several reasons: it is an immensely powerful scene from a great play where King Richard is forced to hand over his crown; this is the very location in which the actual historical event took place in 1399; this is the first time (according to the archives of both the Palace of Westminster and the Theatre Museum) that this scene has been given a public performance in this space.

Performances will take place at regular intervals between 11am and 2pm, and are open to all visitors to Westminster Hall – there is no additional booking required. Please note that visitors to Parliament will require a ticket for an audio tour or guided tour on Saturday 30 April.

For more information about Will at Westminster, please visit: http://www.parliament.uk/will-at-westminster

For more information about visiting Parliament, please visit: http://www.parliament.uk/visiting/visiting-and-tours/tours-of-parliament/