Edward’s Boys update: The (Very) Silent Woman

Edward’s Boys THANK YOU so much for two things (amongst many others):

1. For the many kind and supportive comments we have received as a result of the cancellation of The Silent Woman. It means a great deal.

2. For the extraordinary generosity of those of you who have made financial donations to the JustGiving website set up by our remarkable friend Dr Jose Perez Diez (Leeds)

It is perhaps slightly disappointing to note that some of you are happier to pay ‘ready money’ to ensure that we don’t perform than when we do. However, as another friend has pointed out, perhaps you are all Puritans and keen to close the playhouses…

On Thursday 19th March a selection of the company gathered together in order to make an audio recording of selected extracts from The Silent Woman. We were in a position to do that without further rehearsal. The initial motive was to offer a suggestion of “what might have been”.

However, at the end of the recording those present also took part in a ‘Question and Answer’ session. The questions had been posed by Professor James Loxley (Edinburgh), Dr Tom Harrison (Edinburgh/Newcastle) and Dr Harry McCarthy (Exeter) who have taken a great interest in this production throughout.

Just before recording took place, we received a question from Dr Andy Kesson (Roehampton) about how it felt to be the first boys’ company in 400 years to be prevented from performing an early modern play on account of the plague.

· The whole experience turned into a means of saying goodbye/therapy/catharsis

· It is our intention to turn the material into a podcast at some point. Someone might be interested…

· Look after you and yours and do all you can to keep healthy during the period to come!



Onwards and upwards!