“Edward’s Boys are transforming our sense of early modern drama…”


On Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October, Edward’s Boys (in collaboration with EDOx) staged Charles May’s  Grobiana’s Nuptials before audiences of diners in the Upper Guildhall (“Big School”) at King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon and the New Room, Magdalen College, Oxford.

First staged at St. John’s College in January 1637, and written by a then Oxford undergraduate, Grobiana’s Nuptials mixes lavatorial humour with clever references to professional theatre and popular literature of the time.

Dr Andy Kesson from Roehampton University took to Twitter after the performance to give his expert perspective on the play, and the production…

I’m still recovering from this production. Hard to think of any other theatre company in the land that could have done this play… The willingness to play – to playfully honour and respond to – a deeply obscure college pantomime whose contexts have been lost… The willingness to share that playfulness out amongst a crowd of school friends, parents, teachers and strangers… Above all, to put the art into fart (or perhaps the other way around): Edward’s Boys are transforming our sense of early modern drama.