Henry V: 1913-2013

In 1913 as part of his season of History plays at the Memorial Theatre, Frank Benson invited King Edward VI School to present a production of HENRY V for two performances. The production, cast with boys from the school with the exception of a professional actor playing the part of Chorus, was very well received with positive reviews in ‘The Morning Post’, ‘The Birmingham Post’, ‘The Stratford Herald’ and ‘The Evesham Journal.’ The composer at the theatre that year was the young Ralph Vaughan Williams, who composed music for all the productions including HENRY V.

Poignantly, all the boys taking part in the production later fought in the First World War, and seven were killed, including two sets of brothers.

One hundred years later, in a space familiar to the boys of 1913, Edward’s Boys will perform a production of HENRY V in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Swan Theatre, and the music of Ralph Vaughan Williams, only recently discovered, will be heard for the first time in a century.

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