In praise of The Lady’s Trial


Selected feedback from members of the audience for performances of The Lady’s Trial at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse on 26th and 27th September…

My answer to your invitation to the audience, last Saturday, to consider whether or not The Lady’s Trial is worth reviving, is an emphatic ‘Yes’. But one would be hard put to find a more engaging and revealing production than your own. The most impressive thing of all, to me, was the way you created such a vivid sense of Ford’s moral imagination, making the world of the characters seem historically specific and strange, yet surprisingly modern, all at once. I especially loved the craft of the formal techniques – the composition of stage pictures (especially the brilliant final image), the stillness and intensity of so many moments in the acting, the captivating (and highly evocative) movement and the brilliant way in which ‘the mutes’ were handled to give multiple additional perspectives on the action.

Dr James Stredder

The company (can’t say boys anymore) was brilliant – on and off stage. What a joy. Great performances. Wonderful music. Directing wasn’t bad, either…

Patrick Spottiswoode, Director, Globe Education

A thought-provoking, polished, and highly entertaining production.  The direction was outstanding in its inventiveness; and the capacity of the boys to internalize their predicaments and realize them through their body language was quite extraordinary for a juvenile troupe.  What particularly impresses me is the range of styles we have seen them deploy over the five or six productions that we’ve seen.

Professor Leah Scragg

I honestly don’t think it could have been done better.  I feared the Guzman and Fulgoso scenes were going to be painful, but am delighted to find that they can actually be funny. So much to relish. And I thought Spinella was extraordinary – her silence became almost a character in its own right.

Professor Lisa Hopkins, Sheffield Hallam University


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