“Perry Mills gets remarkably mature performances from his young actors”


Arts reviewer Michael Gray has published a review of our recent production of The Lady’s Trial at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse on his reviews website michaelgray.blogspot.co.uk. In it, he notes the value of the production to those studying these little-performed texts as well as praising the “amazingly talented” cast.

For years, scholars have struggled to imagine what that performance might have been like. Their imaginations will be hugely helped by this revival, by the boys of Shakespeare’s old school in Stratford, in the candle-lit space of the Sam Wanamaker, a theatre very similar to the Cockpit off Drury Lane…

A rare chance to see this Ford – rarer still to see it in something approaching the form it would have taken when acted by “both their Majesties’ servants at the private house in Drury Lane

You can read the full review here.