A Chaste Maid in Cheapside (2010)

Video © Gavin Birkett, used by permission of the author


Thomas Middleton c1613

Directed by Perry Mills

Music by Tom Sharp and Andrew Henderson

Design by David Troughton

Sound by Josh Woodman

Poster by David Troughton



Yellowhammer: Jack Fielding

Maudlin Yellowhammer: Jonny Clowes

Tim (their son): Harry Lesser

Moll (their daughter): George Matts

Tutor: Stuart Macaulay

Sir Walter Whorehound: Oliver Hayes

Sir Oliver Kix: Dan Singleton

Lady Kix: Jeremy Franklin

Allwit: Harry Davies

Mistress Allwit: James Wilkinson

Davy Dahumma: Nick Adams

Welsh Gentlewoman: Will Lindsay

Touchwood Senior: Alex Mills

Mistress Touchwood: Henry Edwards

Touchwood Junior: Jamie Huyton

The Promoters: Dominik Kurjeza and Lee Sanders-Crook

Wat and Nick: Will Taylor and Finlay Hatch

Allwit’s Servants: Matt Cameron, Barnaby Bos and James Burman

Sir Oliver’s Servants: Gleb Petrenko, James Williams and Dan Wilkinson

Watermen: Jonathan Bruns, Ben Webber and Gleb Petrenko

Porter: Dan Wilkinson

Country Wench: Harry Bowen

Gentleman: Tom Harris

Jugg: Elliot Tawney

Dry Nurse: Lawrence Barber

Wet Nurse: Oliver Jerram

Man with Basket: Oscar Lawrence

The Puritans: Ted Clarke and George Protheroe

The Gossips: Henry Hodson, Jack Fenwick, Alec Lucas, David Fairbairn and Tom Ormsby

Parson: Owen Hibberd

Susan: Felix Marot


March 2 2010:   King’s College, London

March 3 2010:   Somerville College, Oxford

March 4 and 6 2010: Levi Fox Hall, King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon


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