Grobiana’s Nuptials (2016)

Video © Gavin Birkett, used by permission of the author


Grobiana’s Nuptials

by Charles May, c. 1636

Directed by Perry Mills

Poster by David Troughton

Poster by David Troughton


Saturday 1st October 2016: “Big School”, King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon

Sunday 2nd October 2016: Magdalen College, Oxford



GROBIANUS, Honorary Emeritus President of the Grobian Court, a Man who Respects No Manners
Oliver Hayes

GROBIANA, his Daughter, a Chip off the old Chamber Pot
Charlie Waters

UNGARTRED, Nurse and Confidante to Grobiana
George Ellingham

VANSLOTTEN, Master of the Grobian Court
Myles Langley

TANTOBLIN, Warden of the Grobian Court
Rory Gopsill

PAMPHAGUS, Bursar to the Grobian Court
Ritvick Nagar

URSIN, a Bearherd and Assistant to the Grobian Court
Tristan Barford

HUNCH, a Candidate for the Grobian Court
Adam Hardy

JABERNOLE, a Candidate for the Grobian Court
Yiannis Vogiaridis

Kieran Pope

OYESTUS, a Town Crier
Ben Clarke

Costumes: The Back of the Cupboard

Make-up and Wigs: The Bottom of the Bin

Props: David Troughton; Louisa Nightingale

Sound: Sheer Embarrassment

Musical Director: Maninder Dhami, assisted by Thomas Banbury

Singers: Members of the Company

Video Recording: Gavin Birkett, Nick Fatkin, Mark Jones and Alex Mills

Producers: Elisabeth Dutton, Laurie Maguire, Suzie Vogiaridis and Richard Pearson

Publicity: Mark Ellis

Scenic Design and Poster: David Troughton

Director: Perry Mills