Henry V (2013)

Video © Gavin Birkett, used by permission of the author


William Shakespeare

Directed by Perry Mills

Music by Ralph Vaughan Williams

Design by David Troughton

Produced by Richard Pearson and Mark Ellis


Poster by David Troughton

In 1913 the boys of King Edward VI School staged a production of HENRY V at the Memorial Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon. The composer at the theatre that year was the young Ralph Vaughan Williams, who composed music especially for HENRY V. All the boys taking part in the production fought soon after in the First World War, and seven were killed.

One hundred years later in a space familiar to the boys of 1913, Edward’s Boys staged their own production of HENRY V in the RSC’s Swan Theatre, with Old Boy Tim Pigott-Smith playing Chorus. David Biddle took over the role of Chorus for a historic performance in front of the families of some of the 1913 cast in Big School (Shakespeare’s schoolroom).

Chorus: Tim Pigott-Smith/David Biddle

Henry V: Jeremy Franklin

Duke of Gloucester: Lawrence Barber

Duke of Bedford: Oliver Lloyd

Duke of Exeter: Alex Marcel

Duke of York: Bela Varga-Elmiyeh

Earl of Salisbury: Chris Broomfield

Earl of Westmorland: David Fairbairn

Earl of Warwick: Glenn Johnson

Archbishop of Canterbury: Henry Hodson

Bishop of Ely: Henry Edwards

Earl of Cambridge: Ben Clarke

Lord Scroop of Masham: Joe Woodman

Sir Thomas Grey: Oscar Lawrence

Pistol: Jack Fenwick

Nym: Elliot Tawney

Bardolph: Calum Mitchell

Boy: Charlie Waters

Hostess Quickly: Finlay Hatch

Captain Gower: Tobias Sims

Captain Fluellen: George Matts

Captain MacMorris: Roderick Storey

Captain Jamy: Jamie Hall

Sir Thomas Erpingham: James Burman

John Bates: Pascal Vogiaridis

Alexander Court: Alistair Campbell

Michael Williams: Daniel Wilkinson

Herald: Jacob West

Charles VI of France: Jonny Clowes

The Dauphin: James Williams

Katharine: George Hodson

Alice: Barnaby Bos

Constable of France: Joshua Danks-Smith

Duke of Bourbon: Harry Bowen

Duke of Orleans: James Wilkinson

Duke of Berri: Jack Lovegrove

Lord Rambures: Jasper Durbin

Lord Grandpre: Ben Dennes

Duke of Burgundy: Jonathan Huish

Montjoy: Will Lindsay

French Messenger: Kieran Pope

Le Fer: Felix Marot

Governor of Harfleur: Samuel Bridges

French Ambassador: Adam Hardy

Soldiers, Ambassadors: Samual Ngombe, Patrick Ellis, Joe Pocknell, Isaac Woodman


March 16 2013: Levi Fox Hall, King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon

March 17 2013: RSC Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

March 18 2013: Upper Guildhall (“Big School”), King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon


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