The Malcontent (2019)

Video © Gavin Birkett, used by permission of the author

The Malcontent

by John Marston (1604)

Wednesday 27th March – Levi Fox Hall, Stratford-upon-Avon

Thursday 28th March – Levi Fox Hall, Stratford-upon-Avon

Friday 29th March – St Mary-at-Hill, Eastcheap, London

Saturday 30th March – The Dining Hall, Trinity College, Oxford

Cast List

Giovanni Altofronto, disguised [as] Malevole Jack Hawkins

Pietro Iacomo Ben Clarke

Mendoza Ritvick Nagar

Celso Dominic Howden

Bilioso Nick Jones

Prepasso Ewan Craig

Ferneze Seb Steven

Ferrardo Abhi Gowda

Equato Johan Valiaparambil

Guerrino Ted Jowett

Aurelia Tristan Barford

Maria Felix Crabtree

Emilia Jamie Mitchell

Bianca Felix Kerrison-Adams

Maquerelle Will Groves

Captain Rhys Duncan

Mercury Yiannis Vogiaridis

Page 1 Tom Howitt

Page 2 Callum Maughan

page 3 Jamie Jones

page 4 Jed Trimnell

Guard 1 Jude McMahon

Guard 2Tom Lewis

Production Teams

Costumes Amanda Wood; Perry Mills; The Company

Wigs and Make-up Brenda Leedham; Emma Benton; The Company 

Props David Troughton; Louisa Nightingale; Emma Benton

Lighting John Cherry; Connor Mitchell; Dominic Howden

Musical Direction Toby Ollis-Brownstone

Musicians Toby Ollis-Brownstone; Joe Webb; Orla Reid; Jacob Hoban; Oliver Feaver; and members of The Company

Production Suzie Vogiaridis; Richard Pearson

Photography Nick Browning; Emily Taylor

Marketing Joe Herbert; Amaryllis Barton

Filming Gavin Birkett; Andrew Hynes

Programme Emily Taylor; Richard Pearson; Perry Mills

Stage ManagerEmma Benton

Movement Struan Leslie

Scenic Design and Poster                   David Troughton

Director                                               Perry Mills