The Woman Hater (2016)

2016, Stratford, Oxford, London, Montpellier and Béziers

Video © Gavin Birkett, used by permission of the author



by Francis Beaumont

Directed by Perry Mills

The Woman Hater Stratford Reversed phone

Poster by David Troughton

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DUKE of MILAN in love with ORIANA – Finlay Hatch

COUNT VALORE a Courtier – Joe Pocknell

GONDARINO the WOMAN-HATER – Daniel Wilkinson

ARRIGO a Courtier – Ben Clarke

LUCIO a weak formal Statesman – Dominic Howden

LAZARILLO a voluptuous Smell-Feast – Daniel Power

Boy LAZARILLO’s Servant – Ritvick Nagar

Mercer a Dupe – Pascal Vogiaridis

Pandar a Pimp – George Hodson

Secretary to Lucio – Isaac Sergeant

Gentleman – Adam Hardy

Servant 1 – Adam Hardy

Servant 2 – Isaac Sergeant

Intelligencer 1 – Nick Jones

Intelligencer 2 – Alistair Campbell

Mercer’s Prentice – Isaac Sergeant

ORIANA Sister to VALORE – Jack Hawkins

JULIA a Prostitute – Charlie Waters

FRANCISSINA a Prostitute – Felix Crabtree

A Deaf Gentlewoman – James Williams

Waiting-woman – Abhi Gowda

Ladies, men and priests of Milan – Members of the Cast; Ben Dennes; Maninder Dhami; Patrick Ellis



Costumes – Amanda Wood

Make-up and Wigs – Brenda Leedham

Props – Louisa Nightingale; David Troughton

Sound – John Cherry; Dominic Howden

Movement – Struan Leslie

Musical Director – Ben Dennes;

Musicians – Maninder Dhami; Patrick Ellis; Thomas Banbury

Producers – Suzie Vogiaridis and Richard Pearson

Publicity and Programme – Mark Ellis

Scenic Design and Poster – David Troughton

Director – Perry Mills



March 2016

Wednesday 9 – The Other Place, RSC

Thursday 10 –  The Catholic Chaplaincy, Oxford

Friday 11 – The Other Place, RSC

Saturday 12 – The Chapel, Kings College London

Tuesday 22 – Collège L’Assomption, Montpellier

Wednesday 23 – Maison des Choeurs, Montpellier

Thursday 24 – SortieOuest, Béziers