A Trick to Catch the Old One (2017)

Video © Gavin Birkett, used by permission of the author


A Trick to Catch the Old One

by Thomas Middleton, c. 1605

Directed by Perry Mills

Poster by David Troughton

Poster by David Troughton


Thursday March 9th 2017: Simpkins Lee Theatre, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

Friday March 10th 2017: Levi Fox Hall, King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon

Saturday March 11th 2017: Institute of Education, University College London

Sunday 12th March 2017: Levi Fox Hall, King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon



Theodorus Witgood, nephew to Pecunius Lucre – Jack Hawkins

The Courtesan, Jane Medlar – Charlie Waters

Host, an innkeeper – Pascal Vogiaridis

Pecunius Lucre, a fairly wealthy businessman, uncle to Witgood – Joe Pocknell

Ginny Lucre, his wife – Nilay Sah

Sam Freedom, son to Lucre’s wife by her first marriage, and suitor to Joyce – Felix Crabtree

Walkadine Hoard, a fairly wealthy businessman – Rory Gopsill

Joyce, niece to the Hoard brothers – Felix Kerrison-Adams

Moneylove, a poor student, and suitor to Joyce – Abhi Gowda

Onesiphorus Hoard, brother to Walkadine – Adam Hardy

Limber, friend to Onesipohorus – Myles Langley

Kix, friend to Onesipohorus – Joe Coghlan

Servant to Lucre – Yiannis Vogiaridis

Creditor 1, tradesman owed money by Witgood – Ritvick Nagar

Creditor 2, tradesman owed money by Witgood – Rhys Duncan

Creditor 3, tradesman owed money by Witgood – Jamie Whitelaw

Lamprey, associate of Hoard – Ben Clarke

Spitchcock, associate of Hoard – Dominic Howden

Harry Dampit, an extremely wealthy usurer (moneylender) – Oliver Lloyd

Audrey, housemaid to Dampit – Tristan Barford

Gulf, an apprentice to Dampit – Ted Jowett

Sir Lancelot, an associate of Dampit – Ben Hepworth

First Gentleman, an associate of Pecunius Lucre – Jamie Foreman

Second Gentlemen, an associate of Pecunius Lucre – Jamie Mitchell

George, servant to Lucre – Ewan Craig

Servant to Hoard – Yiannis Vogiaridis

Arthur, servant to Hoard – Ben Hepworth

Lady Foxstone, a titled lady – Ritvick Nagar

Drawer – George Hendy

Vintner – Yiannis Vogiaridis

Boy 1 – Ted Jowett

Boy 2 – Jamie Mitchell

Lawyer – Patrick Ellis

Sergeant 1 – Myles Langley

Sergeant 2 – Joe Coghlan

Tailor – Ewan Craig

Barber – George Hendy

Perfumer – Rhys Duncan

Falconer – Jamie Foreman

Huntsman – Jamie Mitchell



Costumes – Amanda Wood; Ed Mulryne

Make-up and Wigs – Brenda Leedham

Props – Tara Pugal; Louisa Nightingale; David Troughton

Sound – John Cherry

Lighting – Philip Miles

Stage Manager – Katie Newbould

Musical Director – Maninder Dhami

Musical Arranger – Thomas Banbury

Musicians (Teenage TriKES) – Maninder Dhami; Toby Ollis-Brownstone; Oliver Harvey-Ball; Will Mitchell; Harry Parr

Producers – Suzie Vogiaridis and Richard Pearson

Film Trailer and Photography – Lauren Hyslop

Marketing, Programme and Photography – Mark Ellis

Movement – Struan Leslie (shadowed by Sophie Barlow)

Scenic Design and Poster – David Troughton

Director – Perry Mills