Wit and Science (2019)

Video © Gavin Birkett, used by permission of the author

Wit and Science

by John Redford (c1540)

Sunday 7th July – Levi Fox Hall, Stratford-upon-Avon

Monday 8th July – The Chapel, New College Oxford

Tuesday 9th July – the Priory Church the Order of St John, Clerkenwell, London

Friday 12th July – for the Société Internationale pour l’étude du Théâtre Médiéval at the Palazzo          Ducale, Genoa, Italy

Cast List

Reason Abhi Gowda

Instruction Nilay Sah

Confidence Ritvick Nagar

Wit Felix Kerrison-Adams

Diligence Yiannis Vogiaridis

Study John Cherry

Honest Recreation Ritvick Nagar

Comfort Johan Valiaparambil

Quickness Yiannis Vogiaridis

Strength Nilay Sah

Idleness Will Groves

Ignorance Jyan Dutton

Fame Abhi Gowda

Favour John Cherry

Riches Nilay Sah

WorshipYiannis Vogiaridis

Experience Johan Valiaparambil

Science Tom Howitt

Various Parts Jack Hawkins

Other parts played by members of the Company

Production Teams

Costumes The Company

Wigs and Make-up The Company 

Props David Troughton; Louisa Nightingale

Musical Direction Tristan Barford; the Company

Musicians Nilay Sah; Abhi Gowda; and members of The Company

Technical Support John Cherry; Jyan Dutton

Production Elisabeth Dutton; Suzie Vogiaridis

Photography Nick Browning

Publicity Amaryllis Barton; Elisabeth Dutton

Filming Andrew Hynes

Programme Tom Walton; Perry Mills

Poster                         David Troughton

Stage ManagerElisabeth Dutton

Movement Struan Leslie

Director                                               Perry Mills