Review: The Marston Project

On behalf of the whole team of international scholars preparing the Complete Works of John Marston, I’d like to thank you for what turned out to be a fascinating, exciting and inspiring day. We academics have been working on these texts for two years, but this was the first time that most of us had had chance to encounter any of them in performance, and it was a great revelation to see the work that your students had done. It gave us a unique opportunity to ‘roadtest’ these rarely performed plays and we gained many insights into seeing how they worked: not least, they came across as tremendously stage-worthy and even more exciting than we had expected. Everyone among the team was hugely impressed by the quality of the acting, the intelligence and insight that your students brought to their roles, and their real sense of expertise, openness and flexibility. In the public performance that we staged in the evening, I was proud to be able to introduce such impressive work, and I imagine that the audience, many of whom would never have encountered plays by Marston before, must have found it engrossing. I’m looking forward to collaborating with your students again, hopefully in 2019 if our plans for a full-scale performance in London come to fruition.

Professor Martin Butler

University of Leeds

I must just say again how very impressed the whole team were with the Boys’ work (which I anticipated, but it was equally wonderful to attest). Everything was excellent, but the final extract, the murder of Julio, I think will survive in our memories for a very long time. Joe did an amazing job—I really wonder if the scene has been played any better on any stage since the seventeenth century. It was moving, and dangerous, and awkwardly erotic, and ultimately heart-breaking. That is to say, superbly Marstonian!

Dr José Perez Diez

University of Leeds