Review of Dido, Queen of Carthage by Brett D. Hirsch

Dr Brett D. Hirsch of the University of Western Australia has written a review of Edward’s Boys’ production of Dido, Queen of Carthage for next year’s Stratfordian.

In it, he praises the company’s ability to defy popular expectations both about boy actors and about the texts performed…

“One of the chief pleasures of witnessing an Edward’s Boys performance is that it consistently and forcefully repudiates long-standing assumptions about non-Shakespearean drama and the boy actors charged with reanimating these centuries-old scripts. We are now so out of touch with the Elizabethan tradition that we wrongfully assume boy actors cannot convincingly portray adults or possess the memory, skill, and — in the age of the X-Box and PlayStation — the attention-span to be taken seriously by a modern audience. After all, didn’t W.C. Fields famously advise his fellow actors to “never work with animals or children”? Under the skilful direction of Perry Mills, Edward’s Boys display an effortless professionalism, maturity, and sophistication all-too-often absent in adult companies.”

Read the full review here.