Will at Westminster


On Saturday 30th April Edward’s Boys staged seven performances of Act Four, Scene One of Shakespeare’s Richard II in Westminster Hall – for visitors to the Houses of Parliament – as part of the celebrations for Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary dubbed Will at Westminster.

This powerful scene from a great play – where King Richard is forced to hand over his crown – was performed in the very location in which the actual historical event took place in 1399; this is the first time (according to the archives of both the Palace of Westminster and the Theatre Museum) that this scene has been given a public performance in this space.

It was great to see a mix of familiar faces and new friends in the audiences, and visitors were encouraged to tweet about their visit using the hashtag #willatwestminster. A small selection of these appear below.

Many thanks to the Houses of Parliament – and especially Amy Treble – for inviting us to perform in this extraordinary space, and for looking after us so well on the day. It was a truly memorable experience.

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